At Bizen Chemical, our Oleo Fine Chemical, Functional Foods Materials Development, and Tablet Formulation Development Divisions are all actively involved in development. Each of these are engaged in highly-specialized research and development as well as product development that satisfies the diverse requirements of our customers.

Oleo Fine Chemical Development


We are engaged in research and development of functional oils and lipids
such as omega-3 fatty acids.

In our Oleo Fine Chemical Division, we are making strides in the research and development of high-concentration and high-purity formulations by combining our original extraction, chromatography, and distillation techniques. We have had particular success producing omega-3 fatty acids, which are effective in maintaining good health or preventing and treating diseases, as well as lipids, which are traditionally difficult to produce with high concentrations and purity.

Functional Foods Materials Development


We are striving to develop new beneficial functional materials (extracts)
and enrich the body of evidence in each field.

In our Functional Foods Materials Development Division, we conduct research on a daily basis and actively test raw materials such as plants, agricultural products, and marine products for potential health benefits to create functional materials.
In addition, we are actively conducting joint research on new functionality with external research institutes such as universities, aiming for high-quality manufacturing that helps maintain and improve people’s health.

Tablet Formulation Development


We are pursuing the creation of new value by enhancing functional ingredients with formulation technology.

In our Tablet Formulation Development Division, we are pursuing unique formulation technology, and conducting research and development of new formulation value to maximize the power of material functions.
In addition, we will respond in detail from the design stage to small-quantity prototypes and actual prototypes to achieve the customer’s product concept, and propose prescriptions and seasonings that will further satisfy you.