High Content Tableting Technology

B-HiT - Bizen High-loaded Tableting -

Making ingredients
“higher in content”
Making tablets
“smaller in size”
Making doses
“fewer in number”

ロゴ:B-HiT ビーヒット
  • Original formulation
  • Original
    particle design
  • Micro-
    layering(thin film coating)

Bizen Chemical’s original “tablet formulation,” “particle design,” and “micro-layering tablets” are combined to create B-HiT, a technology that efficiently increases the content of ingredients.

It makes the previously impossible, possible.

Examples of B-HiT Technology Usage

Ingredients which could only be included in low quantities under conventional standard tableting methods, such as CoQ10 and HMB-Ca, can now be made higher in content. *Tablets with higher ingredient content are more prone to surface roughness, cracking, and the like.


Tablets with 15% CoQ10 content

画像:標準打錠法 錠剤イメージ
Standard tableting method
画像:B-HiT 錠剤イメージ
ロゴ:B-HiT ビーヒット