High-SAC-Content Garlic

SAC garlic contains a large amount of S-Allylcysteine (SAC)
which is proven to reduce mental fatigue.

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The Benefits of SAC Garlic

  1. Benefit 1

    Our proprietary “SACLATION®” fermentation technology
    can increase SAC content by more than 200 times!

    Our SACLATION technology can successfully extract 200 times more SAC, which is usually only found in trace amounts in raw garlic. This results in high-SAC-content powder that contains at least 10 mg of SAC per gram.

  2. Benefit 2

    100% garlic extract powder

    We have succeeded in powdering raw materials consisting of 100% garlic. As it is completely free of additives, consumers can use it with peace of mind.

  3. Benefit 3

    Anti-fatigue effect

    Highly effective in reducing physical and mental fatigue. (Please refer to the figure below.)

    1) N. Matsunaga, K. Uryu, I. Maru, The Effect of S-allylcysteine Enriched Garlic Extract on Mental Fatigue, jpn.
    Pharmacol.Ther., 49 (12), 2195-2203 (2021)

    画像:能疲労不可後のvasアンケート試験の結果 能疲労が改善されている
  4. Benefit 4

    Greatly reduces the odor of garlic

    By utilizing our garlic odor reduction technology which was refined over several years, we can now produce a high SAC content without the strong odor. The significant reduction in the pungent and unpleasant odor of garlic allows you to consume it daily without having to worry about the smell.

  5. Benefit 5

    The SAC Association

    Our company is in charge of managing the SAC Association. Through this association, we actively participate in work to collate research into SAC functionality and raise awareness.
    For more details, please refer to the SAC Association official website.


The fatigue you feel in daily life is based on

mental fatigue.

Fatigue after exercise = Physical fatigue
This type of physical fatigue can be easily relieved by taking rest and sleeping.

Fatigue after overuse of the brain = Mental fatigue

The severity of this type of fatigue varies depending on the mental load, and you may not be able to recover, even after ample rest.

The Function of S-Allylcysteine (SAC)
That Draws Attention

Since ancient times, garlic has been consumed to reduce fatigue and boost vitality. The main functional component of garlic has since been identified to be S-Allylcysteine (SAC). SAC has been reported to provide many benefits such as maintaining brain function, reducing fatigue, and having anti-inflammatory effects.

画像:脳神経保護/脳機能の維持・改善におけるsacの効果 抗疲労 抗酸化ストレス 肝保護 抗ガン 抗炎症 抗虚血

Effect on Reducing Mental Fatigue


We conducted research into whether the consumption of SAC garlic reduced fatigue for people under stressful conditions and improved the overall psychological state in regard to mental fatigue.
Method: Twenty-two healthy adults who reported experiencing fatigue on a daily basis were assigned to either the SAC garlic (200 mg per day) consumption group or the placebo group, and a randomized, double-blind study was conducted. After a consumption period of four weeks, the subjects underwent problem-solving tests that caused an increase in mental fatigue. After each test, they filled in a VAS questionnaire regarding fatigue.
Results: Compared with the placebo group, the SAC garlic consumption group had a significantly reduced feeling of fatigue. This was the main factor investigated in the study.

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