Bizen Chemical
will continue to
use our original technology
to create new value and
help maintain people’s health.

Tablets that deliver by controlling the timing for release

ロゴ:B-ReC ビーレック

Tablets that deliver functional ingredients to the right place in the digestive tract and can be released at the right time

Using functional ingredients more effectively! Granules that remain in the mouth

ロゴ:B-MoC ビーモグ

Solving the issues of conventional oral care products! The B-MoG retains functional ingredients in the mouth longer to maximize their functionality.

Improved tablets Tablets with higher content of functional ingredients

ロゴ:B-HiT ビーヒット

The B-HiT technology contributes to “adding value to your products” by increasing the amount of active ingredients contained in one tablet.