About Bizen Chemical

Bizen Chemical always aims to
go one step beyond
with original technology
that leads to new value.

We have built up the capabilities to utilize natural materials to create novel products and new value. Our active pursuit of research and development has given us the power to achieve such goals.

画像:ロングセラー商品例 (左)1975年発売当時の広告、(右)1982年発売当時の広告

Bizen Chemical is a pioneer
in the field of vitamin E and supplements.

Company founder Takafumi Ishihara realized the importance of living healthy as a result of his detention in Siberia during wartime. Following that experience, he developed a desire to make food products that are good for people, and pursued the manufacture and sale of healthy food products.
In 1964, Mr. Ishihara acquired the know-how and rights for the production of vitamin E extracted from soybean germs, and founded Sanwa Yakuhin Kogyo (predecessor of Bizen Chemical) in anticipation of future developments in the vitamin market.


In addition to providing pioneering proposals,
Bizen Chemical responds flexibly to minor consultations and collaborates with customers
in the manufacture of products.

Not only our sales department, but also our development and manufacturing departments listen to all customer requests, and we are always thinking about how Bizen Chemical can be useful.


“Diverse” integrated system
to achieve customer satisfaction

Bizen Chemical utilizes an integrated system for everything from natural materials to final products.
We also utilize an integrated system to provide support for research and development, manufacturing, proposals for customer awareness, actual commercialization and product release, and customer satisfaction.

These integrated systems make smooth cooperation possible. While these systems allow us to respond flexibly to customer requests, they also allow us to take responsibility for every product we make from start to finish.
This is based on our corporate philosophy, which was a motto often repeated by our founder: “Think, create, sell.”


Bizen Chemical’s manufacturing philosophy is
based on comprehensive satisfaction.

Bizen Chemical strives for the creation of new value based on research and development, to achieve further evolution toward brand new ways of manufacturing.
We fully demonstrate the Bizen Chemical approach to hospitality, such as the user-friendly and safe aspect of natural materials, collaboration with customers, and the rich natural environment of the Bizen area, while aiming to create comprehensive satisfaction and value instead of simple manufacturing.

A pioneering spirit that dates back to the founding our company, self-confidence backed by achievement, reliable technical ability and high-quality skills, integrated systems that allow us to create together with our customers: these are the elements that make it possible for Bizen Chemical to shape its products.
We are shaping our products so that our customers can enjoy the hidden and invisible benefits of natural materials.