Business Outline

Bizen Chemical utilizes
the power of natural materials
to create new value
with original technology.

Bizen Chemical explores the effectiveness of materials to develop and manufacture products that help maintain and improve people’s health. That is our approach to manufacturing. We are unique in our commitment to safety and security, such as an integrated production system and a detailed quality management system that cover everything from research and development of raw materials to manufacturing and packaging.

We utilize a unique approach to manufacturing to respond to each individual’s request. In order to contribute to the health of people not only in Japan but around the world, Bizen Chemical will continue with its commitment to high-quality manufacturing.

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    Manufacture and Sale of API (EPA)

    We manufacture APIs for ethical drugs.

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    Manufacture and Sale
    of Functional Food Materials

    We manufacture food materials, including processes such as the extraction and refining of active ingredients.

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    Manufacture and Sale of Health Foods

    Our health food manufacturing process includes every step up to completion of the final product.