Our Brand Concept

A pioneer in turning the power of natural materials into new forms

Bizen Chemical, which proposed vitamin E to the Japanese diet, has been a pioneer in health foods since its foundation. We are particular in our selection of natural materials, while using reliable technology and high quality to create original materials, to continue creating a wide variety of products together with our customers. We have achieved growth through the utilization of advanced extraction and purification technologies for ethical drugs. From research and development to manufacturing, we will continue to pursue new manufacturing that is not available anywhere else in the world and continue to deliver the joy of nature and health, based on an integrated system for everything from natural materials to final products.

Our Brand Logo

This simple, oval-shaped design incorporates Bizen Chemical’s initials, B and C, while also expressing the letter E. The design is based on natural vitamin E, which was our main product when the company was founded, as well as the shape of a soft capsule (oval). This streamlined image expresses a corporate culture for responding swiftly to the changes in any era as we rush toward the future.