Eicosapentaenoic acid

Our BAPT®* technology enables us to produce
extremely stable high-concentration EPA
and suppress the generation of odor.

*“BAPT®” stands for “Bizen Antioxidant Processing Technology”
and refers to Bizen Chemical’s original advanced deodorant/
antioxidant technology.

Product Lineup

The Benefits of EPA70 BAPT®
(Triglyceride Type)

  1. Benefit 1

    Health food grade EPA
    made by an expert API manufacturer

    After being founded in 1971, we started our quest as a pioneer of health food production by manufacturing vitamin E with a high concentration of 98%. Through subsequent applied research, we then went on to manufacture APIs for ethical pharmaceuticals (EPA: ethyl eicosapentaenoic acid). As a result, we managed to increase the concentration of our EPA from fish oil, achieving a value exceeding 97%. (Compliant with Japanese Pharmacopoeia EPA 96.5 to 101.0%)
    Utilizing our fish oil purification technology that was refined over many years, we now offer products containing health food grade EPA.

    画像:EPAの研究に関する年表 20年以上の信頼と実績 画像:原料魚油からEPA原薬になるまでの加工過程
  2. Benefit 2

    EPA 70% oil

    We have achieved the highest level of concentration in the industry by utilizing our proprietary unsaturated fatty acid purification technology that was developed based on our vast experience in the production of EPA active pharmaceutical ingredients.

    *Based on quantitative analysis
    by the Japan Food Research Laboratories,
    which conducts reports
    on foods with function claims.
  3. Benefit 3

    Bizen Chemical’s original advanced deodorant /
    antioxidant technology

    Although there have been some concerns that unsaturated fatty acids such as EPA easily oxidize and deteriorate over time, and have an unpleasant odor, our BAPT® technology effectively stabilizes EPA and suppresses the generation of odors.
    *“BAPT” is a registered trademark of Bizen Chemical.

    [Oxidation prevention due to BAPT]
    It was confirmed to inhibit the formation of peroxide.
  4. Benefit 4

    Allows you to design products with a high degree of freedom
    Thanks to the incredibly high concentration of EPA,
    it is possible to design products that only use a small amount of the material.

    It is possible to minimize the total volume consumed and reduce the size of the tablets while maintaining the same content of EPA.


    Conventional EPA formulation

    画像:DHA70 BAPT製剤(少量化、小型化)

    EPA70 BAPT formulation
    (lower volume, smaller)

    It is possible to combine multiple materials while maintaining the same EPA content.


    Conventional EPA formulation
    (The blue section indicates EPA.)

    画像:DHA70 BAPT製剤(多機能化)

    EPA70 BAPT formulation

  5. Benefit 5

    Support for food products with function claims

    Our “EPA no Kiwami BAPT” EPA70 BAPT supplement has been authorized by the Consumer Affairs Agency as a food product with function claims. Our expert staff are standing by to respond to customers who wish to apply for the production of food products with function claims containing EPA70 BAPT.

  6. Benefit 6

    The highest level of safety

    (1) The maximum amount of impurities are removed during the process of purifying EPA from raw materials derived from natural fish. Our EPA70 BAPT standards comply with the extremely strict GOED* international standards. We have standardized our products with multi-component ingredients to ensure safety.
    *The global organization for EPA & DHA omega-3s

    (2) The mercury contained in marine products is known to adversely affect health. For this reason, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has introduced guidelines for fish and shellfish consumption and has issued an alert. Our EPA70 BAPT ensures that you get the desired active ingredients in a safe manner. It can be said that our production of this material greatly contributes to SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) number 3. “Good Health and Well-being.”

    画像:omega-3の品質保証ロゴ すべての人に健康と福祉を

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