Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng is one of the four famous varieties of carrots
and has a proven track record as a natural remedy.

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Extend your healthy life expectancy!
The benefits of UKOGIN (Powdered Siberian ginseng extract)

  1. Benefit 1

    UKOGIN helps
    your body exercise.

    “I thought I’d go walking every day, but I soon got tired and gave up.” “I quickly get out of breath when I ride my bicycle.” We often get such reports from customers who want to do regular exercise, but cannot continue due to a lack of physical fitness. Bizen Chemical’s functional material “UKOGIN” is the perfect answer to their problems.

  2. Benefit 2

    The widely recognized
    power of Siberian ginseng

    UKOGIN is an easy-to-use powdered functional material extracted from Siberian ginseng, which is known as one of the four famous varieties of carrots. Siberian ginseng has a proven track record as a natural remedy. In Japanese herbal medicine, the root stock and bark are often referred to as “Shigoka” and “Gokahi” respectively. Its benefits have been recognized since ancient times, and it is even listed in the earliest Chinese “Shennong Ben Cao Jing” book of medicine.
    Around the year 1960, the former Soviet Union actively conducted research on this powerful raw material for use in medicine. During the 1980 Moscow Olympics, it became well known that Siberian ginseng was being used to improve the performance of the Soviet team, which triggered a new wave of popularity around the world.

  3. Benefit 3

    100% Siberian
    ginseng extract

    We succeeded in extracting only the active ingredient, which provides the same benefits as consuming the whole Siberian ginseng. This process uses our proprietary hybrid manufacturing technology, which can produce 100% Siberian ginseng extract powder without the need for any additives.


Extend your healthy life expectancy!

Ways to extend
healthy life expectancy

Everyone wants to extend their healthy life expectancy so that they stay in good health right up to the end of their life. Now that many people live until they are 100, more attention is being placed on ways to extend people’s healthy life expectancy. Among all the ways to do this, exercise is one that people struggle to do, despite knowing that it is beneficial.


Exercise is vital for staying healthy!

Even after fully understanding the importance of exercise, many people give up due to easily becoming tired. Bizen Chemical’s functional material “UKOGIN” is the perfect answer to their problems. It allows them to efficiently burn fat and gain energy even with just a little exercise. With UKOGIN, even a moderate amount of exercise can lead to a fulfilling and healthy life.


Exercise helps to maintain the health of all people,
no matter what age.

The Expected Effects of UKOGIN
(Powdered Siberian Ginseng Extract)

  1. Effect 1

    UKOGIN turns on
    your “metabolism master switch”!

    Studies have shown that UKOGIN activates AMPK inside the cells.
    AMPK is an important enzyme that helps the body produce energy, which is why it is often referred to as the “metabolic master switch.” (AMPK: AMP-activated protein kinase)


    Once AMPK (P-AMPK) is activated as the “metabolism master switch” turns on, it inhibits the enzyme acetyl-CoA carboxylase that provides the substrate for the biosynthesis of fatty acids.


    Blocks the fatty acid biosynthesis pathway

    Shifts toward energy production

    By blocking the fatty acid biosynthesis pathway, the cell shifts toward energy production.

    This mechanism works to prevent the body from running out of energy and is usually triggered under stressful conditions such as hypoxia and malnourishment. UKOGIN presses the “metabolic master switch” to allow the active production of energy even when the cell is not under stress.

    UKOGIN boosts energy production! Helps you exercise more!

  2. Effect 2

    UKOGIN also turns on
    the body’s “obesity suppression switch”!

    Studies have shown that UKOGIN can shrink fat cells that have become enlarged (cell hypertrophy).


    It has also been discovered that UKOGIN reduces the amount of PPARγ activation in cells. PPARγ has been shown to be a factor related to cellular differentiation and hypertrophy of fat cells.
    It is thought that a decrease in PPARγ activation will lead to the suppression of fat cell differentiation and hypertrophy.


    UKOGIN turns on the body’s “obesity suppression switch”!

With UKOGIN 代謝マスタースイッチON! 肥満抑制スイッチON!

UKOGIN is the key to extending healthy life expectancy!

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