Omega-3 fatty acid reagents

We are developing a wide range of unprecedented omega-3 fatty acid materials, such as highly bioactive EPA and DHA derivatives.

Bizen Chemical’s high purity technology

Bizen Chemical has succeeded in establishing a large-scale production system for high-purity (96.5-101.0%) ethyl EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) based on the high-purity technology for vitamin E (98%) and other substances that we have cultivated since our founding, coupled with our DNA as an R&D-oriented company, a legacy from our predecessors.
We have since accumulated more than 20 years of experience as one of the leading EPA API suppliers in Japan.

Development of omega-3 fatty acid materials

Bizen Chemical applies its high purification and antioxidant technologies cultivated through EPA API production to develop a wide range of omega-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids and their derivatives, such as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).
In addition to providing high quality reagents, we also respond to various consultations regarding candidate substances for pharmaceuticals and other matters.

Reagent grades

We provide extremely high-purity reagents for analysis in gas chromatography and liquid chromatography.

  • 99%EPA (free fatty acid/ethyl ester)
  • 99%DHA (free fatty acid/ethyl ester)
  • 99%DPADocosapentaenoic
    (free fatty acid/ethyl ester)
  • 99%SDAStearidonic acid (free fatty acid/ethyl ester)

Large volumes (100 g or more) of laboratory grade (in vitro, in vivo) are also available!

This lineup is suitable not only for analysis but also animal experiments and a wide range of other applications. Available in free fatty acid or ethyl ester types.

  • 画像:97%EPA
  • 画像:97%DHA
  • 画像:70%DPA
  • 画像:90%DPA
  • 画像:90%SDA

SPM precursor *SPM = Specialised Pro-resolving lipid Mediators

Studies conducted in Japan and overseas show that 15S-HEPE and 17S-HDHA have excellent anti-inflammatory functions (inflammatory convergence), and they are expected to be new types of druggable targets.


If you are interested in drug development, please contact us.